Categories of investments you can venture in

When you want to make when on your investments, you can choose from the many options that are available in the list given below.

  1. Mutual funds- This is normally a managed fund where the trustees put your money in securities.
  2. Commodity market- This is a perfect place where you can invest your cash on various things. For instance, you can engage in the multi-commodity exchange (MCX) where you will have the opportunity to invest your cash on items like precious stones such as gold, copper, nickel, zinc and other base metals. You can even invest in crude oil as well. If this does not fancy you, there is the National Commodity and Derivatives Exchange (NCDEX). Here you have the alternative of choosing agricultural commodities that are profitable in the export market. This may include things like sugar cane, cotton, coffee, etc.
  3. Stock market- This is another exciting place you can choose to put your money in. You can trade worldwide in stock investment and get maximum returns. However, you must ensure you understand how this sector operates before you put your cash there. In this type of investment, you can either choose between equity and the nifty market or you may opt for both. In equity and nifty, you can get the best returns in profits, but you must research by doing thorough analysis and observing the trends doing the rounds.
  4. Bonds- This is normally the best technique you can attain interest of your primary amount. The interests and duration will be determined by the agreement you sign. With bonds, the holder will lend the borrower a specific amount for a certain period. During this time, the interest will rise and once the period is over, your money will be given back. This is usually considered as long term way of investing financially.
  5. Fixed deposits- The FD is offered by several banks and it gives their clients high interest rates on the deposits in comparison with the usual savings. You are given good returns after certain duration matures and you will gain on the amount.
  6. Real estate- Another option that many people are going for these days is investing on property. It can either be commercial or residential. The returns you make from this venture are progressive, and you will enjoy the fruits for longer time. Even though it can be expensive to invest and maintain it, the returns are good.

The most important thing here is to seek advice from professionals in investments and financial planners before you can commit your money to any of the above investment types. However, once you get the information clearly, you should prepare a good investment plan that you can follow to the end so that you can achieve your objectives. Make sure you understand the trends in the market so that you know where to put your money but don’t forget research is important.